5 Natural Yet Unconventional Fertility Hacks That You May Not Even Know About


When you hear about natural fertility hacks, you are going to immediately think about the foods to eat that will help improve your fertility, and foods to avoid that could hamper it as well. And, when you think about unconventional fertility hacks, you are going to immediately assume that this has to do with feng shui, or getting fertility-boosting crystals, or having intercourse when it is a full moon. This is not what these natural yet unconventional fertility hacks entail. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance you have not even heard of these particular hacks. And once you begin to learn about them, then you will be glad you did, because these will really help you increase your chances of getting pregnant. Let’s go over – of natural yet unconventional fertility hacks that you are probably learning about for the first time in your life now!

  1. Sleep In The Dark Without Any Light Interfering – If you are using a nightlight in your ensuite so you can see where you are going if you have to go to the bathroom in the night, then you will need to take it away. Yes, you may bump into things as a result but you will want to feel around the walls to make sure you know where you are going. That is because when you are trying to conceive, you will want to make sure that you sleep when it is pitch dark! That even means to put a cloth over your digital clock-radio or anything that emits light. Or if you don’t want to do that then you will want to get an eye-mask, or invest in black-out blinds.

The reason for this is because in order for your body to be properly functional you want to get the best quality of sleep. And, any bit of light that is exposed to you will interrupt your melatonin levels. You need to have proper melatonin levels in order to get the best quality of sleep because this also greatly ties into your fertility. The proper melatonin levels will help your ovaries function at its best, and trigger the hypothalamus area of your brain to send fertility messages properly. Additionally, sleeping in pure darkness will also help boost progesterone levels, regulate your cycles, improve cervical mucus, and normalize FSH. Be sure to get 8 hours of that best quality sleep as well!

Have Fun During The Day – You want to sleep in the pure dark at night, but do your baby-making activities in the middle of the day because that is when testosterone levels are at its peak. That means you will want to sneak into your partner’s office or the other way around to have a quickie. It makes a difference, and besides, you and your partner are well-rested during the day which also increases the chances of conception. Night-time sex is less effective because his testosterone levels are lower, and you and he are tired.

Take Probiotics – Yes, this is not about the fertility-boosting foods to eat, however, the one tip that is frequently left out when it comes to natural and different fertility hacks is taking probiotics. You need probiotics in order to regulate the good bacteria in your gut which has a huge effect on your reproductive system. Any good-quality probiotic will do the job just fine. 

Only Wear Cotton And Breathable Underwear – This sounds strange why it matters about the type of underwear you need to wear in order to improve your fertility. Especially since you did not think it mattered to women the way it matters when men wear breathable boxers instead of tight briefs. No, the woman does not have to worry about swimmers dying off, but cotton and breathable underwear keeps the bacteria in the hoo-ha at its minimum which means infection of any kind is not likely, and that means if there are no harmful bacteria breeding in that area which could have a negative effect on fertility, you’ll be even more fertile.

Don’t Think Of Douching – You may have been told that douching is a good idea to keep yourself clean down there. However, the problem with douching is that it not only kills off the bad bacteria but it also can harm the helpful bacteria that is beneficial for your fertility. There is no need to douche because as long as you stay clean and wear breathable cotton underwear, the bad bacteria will be kept at a minimum and the good bacteria will stick around. These natural but yet unusual fertility hacks will help you conceive quicker more than you realize! Of course, you will need to utilize the tips from your doctor and nutritionist, but incorporate these ones as well, and you will be boosting your fertility more than you realize!

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